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 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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Team, my engine still is missing the oil dip stick set up, is cumbersome via the bulk head. I have the original part so length no issue. The question is where does the oil dip stick pipe goes through? Could not find a picture from my extensive stack. 1) is it UNDER the Water pipe going to the swivel tank, which requires more bends, and space is very sparse 2) is it OVER the Water pipe going to the swivel tank. From the bends of the original pipe it looks as if it was there. Can someone...Read More...
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Ugh, been getting a bit of hesitation & rough running & some backfire on my 427 Fontana Fuel Injected car. I see in 2011 I replaced both fuel filters due to hesitation under load, but I didn't take note of the reading on the fuel pressure gauge reading before (rookie!). Today I had the wife stand in the back by the fumes while I ran it and she sees it is reading about 40 on idle and maintains at 40 with steady increase of the gas pedal which I see from some google searching is pretty...Read More...
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Introducing Myself

73 Pantera White
Hi everyone, I own a 1973 white Pantera, and I am interested in getting it running. It was owned by my late husband who loved it. I think the issues are minor (battery and alternator). I am looking for a good mechanic in Atlanta. Any recommendations? Thank you so much in advance for your help! I’ve been reading this forum, and it seems like a wonderful community.Read More...
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Malibu Autobahn Drives

Last Sunday, I took my Pantera out to the Malibu Autobahn show and drive for the second time. (First was in December). It's a great Sunday morning activity starting with the meet (car show and staging area) followed by a 90 minute drive through the beautiful back roads of Agoura, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, and Camarillo out to Pacific Coast Highway and back to Zuma Beach for a follow up car show. This past Sunday, over 300 cars showed up with mostly exotics including many Lambos,...Read More...
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Installing Rear bearings

Can someone help explain the process of installing the rear bearings? Not having any luck locally to have it done, so just going to do it myself. Do you press in both bearings into the hub, then press in the axle shaft? Or do you press in the outer bearing , press in the axle shaft, then press in the inner bearing? And what tools (besides a press) are needed to do this? I also understand I'll need to torque the axle nuts to 350-400 ft/lbs? Thanks -JohnRead More...
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I am well on my way to installing an Aviaid oil pan. This past weekend I managed to cut out the parking brake bracket and cross member. In doing so and staring up at the original starter I remembered a post about not being able to remove the starter without either removing the header or disassembling it in place, ( Mini / Hi-Torque starters ). My question is, can the starter be removed if the oil pan is out of the way? I find scope creep often occurs when working on the Pantera but if access...Read More...
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Real 1974 GTS for sale

Real US spec GTS with GT in the vin number-less then 90 ever produced for US market and only the US ones had GT in the vin number. Restored to the cost of over $250,000.By Hatfield Restorations in Canton Texas- restorer of Pebble Beach concourse cars. One of the nicest in existence. The underside looks just like the outside .Silver /black ,modified 351 Cleveland ,500 hp at the Dyno . Also includes original 351 Cleveland restored and on a stand for show. Rare original GTS wheels included.Best...Read More...
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Brakes on the car are working well except that the pedal clunks about one out fives times that it is pressed. The clunk is not audible but can be felt by your foot. Braking is normal as the clunk happens. I can reproduce the clunk with the car running and parked thus it is not suspension related. The master cylinder is new and uses an adapter like the one from Ipsco. The booster is original and has not been rebuilt. The pin connecting the pedal to the booster seems in good shape. Does anyone...Read More...
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Oil pans

Do any of you Motorheads know how many different stock oil pans were available for the 351 Cleveland during its early 1970’s production run? I just finished all the work to remove the oil pan with the engine in the car because of a rear main seal leak, removable cross member, removable e-brake bracket, etc... (good time to replace the shifter trunion since I had to undo it for the pan to clear). Once I got the oil pan off I was happy to see a 4 bolt main and the oil pan has baffling. Could...Read More...
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351 Cleveland

Rebuilt 351 Cleveland C.H.I. 208 3v Top end kit tmeyer stroker kit over 14k in motor 545 hp 506 Torque full roller Motor Call of details asking $10,900 call Bill (708)516-2455Read More...

Brake Pedal to Floor

This is a tough one. The brakes were fair, but pedal travel too long, and not to my liking so I decided to change some components. Afterwards, I have not been able to build any pressure at all. What I've done: 1. Changed master cylinder three times with different types, each time bench bled. 2. Replaced Booster with new. 3. Removed the shuttle valve from distribution block. 4. Removed the proportioning valve, installed T. 5. New bleeder screws, and yes Teflon taped. 6. Checked push rod...Read More...
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Headliner install tips

A couple months ago I was talking with a fellow PCNC member and he shared a headliner installation trick he had used. I had never installed a headliner until today and I found his tip to be worth sharing. As shown in the photos, I created a hanging shelf inside the cabin. The shelf, and a long metal straight edge, served to hold up the rear of the headliner fabric. This left two hands free to start, from the center, pressing the headliner onto the adhesive-sprayed roof. (No adhesive on the...Read More...
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