With rosin becoming more and more popular every year it’s no surprise that people are looking for the cheapest rosin press on the market.

When I first got started with pressing flower, I didn’t have a lot of money to my name so I wanted one that was cheap and effective.

This is when I stumbled on the Dulytek brand. I was trying to decide between their cheapest model, the DM800 and the DM1005.


While the DM800 only costs $219 USD, I decided to spring for a little extra and get the DM1005


I’ll break down my decision and review below, but you can check out the link for their rosin presses right here:

Click here

Trust me when I say this, out of all the other brands, Dulytek is cheap but actually uses quality materials. I’ve ordered a press from Rosin Tech and it was hot Chinese garbage. Dulytek’s reviews are actually really good online so that’s why I went with them.

What’s the Best and Cheapest Rosin Press?

This is probably the toughest question to answer. The reason being is that the cheapest would have to be a Tarek mini press, but that thing is awful. You won’t get any reasonable amounts of oil out of it and you’ll waste your flower. DO NOT BUY IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

Now that you’ve been warned, let’s review Dulytek’s DM800 versus DM1005 products.


The reason why so many purchase this model is because it is indeed the cheapest one available that will actually get you some results.

It’s super small and portable, weighing only 10 pounds and sporting a handle that makes it easy to carry. I remember carrying my TV over to my friend’s house back in the day. This is way easier!

This model uses 2” x 3” dual heating plates, so you’re not going to get a lot of surface area to press on, as compared to some of the bigger models. This is unfortunately a trade off for being a much smaller unit, as well as being much cheaper.

The most important thing to consider though is value, and not price. Is this rosin press able to produce rosin that warrants the price tag?

With under 1,000 pounds (850) of maximum pressure, you can’t get greedy with how much flower you want to press at a single time. If you’re trying to press as much rosin at a single time, you’re gonna have a bad time!

If you’re only looking to press 1 or 2 grams on each run, then this press might actually be the right choice for you. People I know who use this press have told me, though, that you should use 1.5g or less for optimal results.

If this is all that you can afford, it’s not a bad option by any means. I would call this a great cheap rosin press for beginners.


Let me show you their next model that’s a bit better but still light on the wallet.


Since the sizing of the DM800 model is still fresh in our minds, let’s compare that first.

The DM1005 utilizes bigger plates at 3” x 5” which allows for you to press more flower at a time.

It also sports 1,000 pounds of maximum pressure, which helps you squeeze more oil out than the DM800 can.

It’s also safe to say that this unit is relatively portable. At only 30 pounds in weight, you can still carry it around. My kid weighs around 30 pounds right now and it’s still possible to walk around with him. However, with a press, you’re not going to be walking around with it really far. I’m just trying to say you can lift it and move it if need be.

This the model I personally use and I’ve gotten great results placing it at 200 degrees Fahrenheit and setting 3 minutes on the clock.

So what were my yields like? After learning the press a bit and how it functions, I was able to start getting 20%+ on my runs! If you don’t know if that’s good or not, for the price of this press, that is REALLY GOOD!

I could’ve gotten even better results using a 62% moisture bag from Boveda, but I was cheap at the time and just did it raw.


It depends on your budget and what you want to achieve.

The DM800 costs a low $219 USD while the DM1005 costs $369 USD. I personally think that the DM1005 offers better value for the price, as it got me better yields and it’s still super cheap!

I also originally bought the DM1000 which is the predecessor to the DM1005 and it’s much heavier so this new and improved model is even more desirable.

However, the price of the DM800 is very attractive when all you want to do is press a gram

and get dabbing as soon as possible. It only costs 2 days worth of work for many people, so it’s an easier cost.

Like I said, this will all come down to personal preference and your financial situation. I paid a little bit extra for the DM1005 but you are your own person and I know you can make the right decision for you.

Keep in mind, with both presses, you don’t want to be applying ridiculous muscle when using the clamp to press it down. Manual presses tend to be more fragile, and if it’s not moving, then stop what you’re doing and assess. There’s no reason to use all of your muscle to close the clamps down.

They do have 6 month warranties on the major components and up to 3 years on other parts, so you can rest assured that any defective unit would be taken care of.

I also highly recommend using micron filter bags as this just makes sure you get all your oil captured.

Do You Recommend Any Other Brands?

As I mentioned before, I have used Rosin Tech’s presses and they were essentially reselling Chinese presses, at a greater mark up. Those presses are godawful and you don’t get any good yields from them.

Why waste your time and money on that? It’s been a few years, so maybe they’ve improved, but I’m not the only one who’s had bad experiences with them.

Next, I’ve had a buddy use the Tarek mini press and we laughed at how bad it was. I told him not to buy it, even the reviews were mostly negative, but he wanted to be cheap and he lost money on the press and on the wasted product. That’s what I mean by there being a difference between price and value.

The reason why I recommend Dulytek, is because their online reviews are almost all favorable. You’ll get the occasional person who isn’t happy about anything, but you’d be hard pressed (get it?) to find an overwhelming amount of negative things about the company.

They’ve got fast shipping and a very helpful customer service staff that answered my questions and help me get the best yields I could at the time.

I decided to stay loyal to the brand when I could afford a bigger unit, and decided to splurge on the 3 ton electric press, DW6000. It was about double the cost but now I was pressing hands-free and getting more maximum pressure, which increased my yields with the skills I learned from the DM1005.

So if you’re serious about pressing, and you want some value,

I definitely recommend Dulytek and their products. If you’re disappointed, I give you permission to beat me up. You probably couldn’t, but I’m giving you permission to at least give it a shot. All the best!