WingIts' - The Commercial Leader In Quality ADA Products (Shower Seats, Tub

Benches, Portable Tub Benches, Grab Bars and the WingIt Fastener)

Wingits' 2012 Compliant Program Offers:
* Correct ADA Compliant Products
* Correct ADA Compliant Installation Method
* Correct ADA
Compliant Installation Location

WingIts' Tub Bench should be installed by property personnel. Clamps must be Tightened and have Legs Perpendicular to the Bench with Feet leveled and locked onto a FLAT Surface. The Feet can NOT rest on the radius of the tub. If your tub does not allow for proper use of this standard Tub Bench, please contact WingIts' for the correct sized tub bench. WingIts' Toll Free: (877) 894-6448.

Click HERE for detailed installation instructions.

WingIts' works with the major Hotel chains in providing ADA Compliant Products and Technical Support


For professional sales and service please call toll-free 877-894-6448
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