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    Most diamonds are cut badly so they look dull and appear smaller.

    Use the HCA to reject them.

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    diamond prices - chart from 2007 to present. Updated 01/01/2020

    Updated monthly, this diamond price chart shows price changes for loose diamonds in several carat ranges for D-I color VVS2-SI2 clarity from Pricescope diamond comparison listings.

    Martin Rapaport developed and maintains the Rapaport Price List, which evaluates wholesale diamond prices. Learn what the Rapaport is all about.

    Learn about diamond prices, loose diamonds and the cost per carat.

    (extra cut info) - Search for diamond cut quality using the Holloway cut ranking tool developed by Garry Holloway.

    Choose a size, cut , color, clarity and pricesfor your diamond and get a quote for your diamond from trusted diamond vendors on the Internet.

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